In the Musical-Lecture-Performance „Fronteras Visibles“ a artistic residency in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) is taken as a starting point to question the role of the western artist as a cultural producer and entrepreneur in economically deprived contexts. How is the figure of the artist to be judged? Is he a flagrant disrupter or a new `Don Quijote` who fights legitimately against the `windmills of injustice`? Is the artist condemned to play the role of the cultural exploiter that creates symbolic products for his individual career? Or can he manage to create valid symbols of criticism against the unjust conditions that surround him?

The Lecture puts into question the produced musicvideo and both narrates its broader production conditions and the sociopolitical contexts of the residency. Here Christian Diaz Ore-jarena auto-ironically narrates his experiences in the context of social and economical marginalization: Experiences with his white bourgeoise family in Cartagena, with the local afro-colombian culture and its colonial history aswell as the dytopical globalized development projects of ultra-gentrification arround the corner like „Serena del mar“: a new gated-community-city that privatises former afrocolombian territories into one of the biggest gated-comunity-housing-investments in Latin America.The realisation of "Fronteras Visibles" began during a artistic residency at Puerto Contemporaneo in partnership with Videocrática ( El Kruce + Kunstrial).