A research about theatre-work in front of the stage

A sidejob as an usher at the Vienna Burgtheater is the starting point for a research: About my own role at the bottom end of the institutional hierachy of an „highcultural“ theatre, an analysis of the conections between the private security sector, cultural production and global migration. Furthermore it is an investigation about the status of the performative in the context of postfordist work and life realities beyond the fourth wall. And, last but not least, it is a process-oriented-project about the incorporation of criticism into the representation of symbolical captial and therefore aswell a reflexion about the posibilities of critical artistic production in contemporary society.

Ein Dienst der Gegenwart - Essay

Attempt at an utopian speech
- Intervention at Vienna Burgtheater

At Xhibit Academy of fine arts Vienna 2015
At"Kongress der Artikulation"
Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien Berlin 2014

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