Collaborative and socially engaged research and film project (work in progress) initiated with Carolina Pinzón Rivera in Colombia and rampe:aktion. We realized film workshops together with young people from Bogotá and Monteria in Colombia and Berlin Germany. Workshops in Colombia took place under the name chalarka remix. More infos about these workshops click here The continuation of the workshop series took place in Berlin at the end of September 2022 under the title re-existencia Hellersdorf. It was shown at Café Interfix in front of station urbaner Kulturen in Hellersdorf. A presentation of this work will be shown in March 2023 at the station urbaner kulturen nGbK Berlin. A final videoinstallation will be shown in march 2023 at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein .

Following images: Installationview of "Revisión remix re-existencia" in the group exhibition "Realities left vacant" at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, March - May 2023

Following images: Announcement of "re-existencia Hellersdorf", 2022 Berlin Hellersdorf – A workshop-based Videoproduction together with rampe:aktion and station urbaner Kulturen nGbK Berlin Hellerstdorf. Funded by Neustart Kultur and the German Ministry for Culture.

Following images: First public presentation of results from the workshop "re-existencia Hellersdorf" together with the participating neighbourhood at Café Interfix in Berlin Hellersdorf in November 2022.

Following images: Announcement and Impresions from "Chalarka Remix", 2022 in Bogotá and Montería, Colombia – A workshop-based Videoproduction together with rampe:aktion, Ojo al Sancocho Comunityfilm Festival Bogotá, Escuela de Cine Ciudad Bolivar, Centro de Documentación Orlando Fals Borda and Fundación Piedritas a la ventana, Montería Colombia.