Thank you Uli Thank you! - Procession of Acceptance to the „Burgtheater of the Refugees“ in the house of the condemned tax evader Uli Hoeneß, „Radikal Jung Theaterfestival“ Munich, 2014. Together with Unkoordinierte Bewegung and the artspace „Lothringer13 Laden“.

The action begins with a press anouncment by the Munich Volkstheater: „The Munich Volkstheater is thanking the ex-usher of the Vienna Burgtheater Christian D., the movement Unkoordinierte Bewegung and Uli Hoeneß for the new space in the private property of Mr. Hoeneß, which will be used until 2017.“ The public is being invited to join the procession in honor of the ceremonial takeover of the Ex-FCBAYERN-Managers property which he will not use during his time in jail. The happening is taking place three days afterwards. The intention is to hot-wire the unspoiled official image of the stock-exchange-gambler Hoeneß with the public discussion about immigration and the status of refugees in germany.

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