In this shortfilm Christian Diaz Orejarena explores his own role as cultural producer and western entrepreneur in an artistic residency situated in the neighbourhood "La Boquilla" of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). In form of a video diary he describes the production conditions of the then produced artwork “Fronteras Visibles”, a polemic music video in which he reacts to the challenging context by offensivly apropriating styles of the local „Champeta“ music-culture.

The shortfilm both shows the original work and relates it to its socio-political context: To the artists experiences with his white bourgeois family in Cartagena, with the local Afro-Colombian culture and its colonial history, as well as with local urban, globalized development projects and its effects of ultra-gentrification to the afrocolombian neighbourhood. How is this figure of “the artist” to be judged? Is he a flagrant disrupter or a new "Don Quijote" who fights legitimately against the `windmills of injustice`? Is he condemned to play the role of the cultural exploiter that creates symbolic products for his individual career? The realisation of "Fronteras Visibles" began during a artistic residency at Puerto Contemporaneo in partnership with Videocrática ( El Kruce + Kunstrial).

After being presented as a Lecture Performance in 2020, a Videoinstallation of the project was shown at DYSTOPIE SOUND ART FESTIVAL BERLIN 2020.

Filmfestival Worldpremiere of the discoursive Shortfilm Version of "Fronteras Visibles" in may 2021 at International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen.